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Video for your business and web site

As well as web consultancy we can provide your business with a range of video services including :-

  • Product/service demonstrations
  • Video tours of social/sports clubs and premises
  • Corporate lectures and talks
  • Customer interviews and testimonials
  • Electronic press kits
  • Artist showreels
Our team are experienced in the production of video media in its many forms, including demonstrations, advertisements, documentaries, broadcast television programmes, and films. These skills are available to you and your business.

Video can be delivered on; DVD, Blu-Ray, and in web format for inclusion on YouTube and your web site. We can also help integrate video into your web site and marketing campaigns.

Why does your business need to use video ?

  1. Reach - Access to a large number of customers with minimal ongoing cost.
    • Youtube alone exceeds 3 billion views per day, 365 days a year. Using video and online video services lets you access this market.
    • Online video usage has doubled each of the last 3 years.
    • Over a third of time spent on the web is watching online video.
    • Over 70% of UK homes have broadband, over 80% of them watch online video.
    • Over 80% of 18-35 year olds watch online video. Online video usage gew by 400% in 2010 - faster than TV, radio, or print.
    • The New York times says "video is now the fastest-growing segment of the Internet advertising market"
  2. Image - Improve the perception of your brand and products.
    • Modern web users expect more than pictures and text. Integrating video into your web site makes your business more relevant to the 'Youtube' generation.
    • Increase the perceived quality of your products and services and improve your brand image - make your business stand out from your competition.
    • 'Talking heads' videos can improve the relationship between your business and potential customers. Combining these with user testimonials and product reviews allows you to use social media, "word of mouth" and viral marketing to engage potential customers and encourage your users to market for you.
  3. Sales - Make better use of your web presence and engage the casual "browser".
    • Web sites featuring video increase responsiveness and help 'grab' the user's attention, giving you more opportunity to keep them on your site.
    • Users are more likely to watch a short 2 minute promotional video then spend many times as long having to wade through text or watch tedious picture slideshows.
    • Video demonstrations of products are far more convincing than simple photos and text describing their use. Video converts 'browsers' into buyers.
  4. Versatility - Create once, use repeatedly.
    • Videos can be specifically targetted to a specfic market/demographic, or generalised across your customer base.
    • Once created, video can be provided to users in many forms: e.g.; DVD, Blu-Ray, websites, YouTube/Vimeo, Facebook and other social networks - at very little extra cost.
    • Video on DVD/Blu-Ray can be used in-store, at marketing events and exhibitions, or posted to prospective clients.
    • Web video can be inserted into online streaming services and other web sites, through inset/pre-roll services such as YouTube and BrightCove.
    • Video can be inserted into powerpoint presentations to maintain viewers' attention.
  5. Greater competitivity - "Out-do" your competitors, compete with the "big players".
    • The lower cost of digital video production, and free video hosting through online services, mean that your business can compete with larger-budget companies.
    • Video allows your "SME" company to present a "big company" image.
  6. Training - Train and support users more effectively.
    • Video "how to" guides, product tips, and training guides can be placed on your web site - reducing support calls
    • These can also be used as pre-sales tools, helping to convert "browser" users into buyers - without having to pay for pre-sales teams.
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