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Don't let your web site drag your business down...

If your web site needs a "makeover", or suddenly seems lacking compared to your competitors', then let us help you take it to the "next level".

We can work with you to turn your underperforming or embarrassing web site into a professional business tool which helps you present a far better image to customers, and which allows you to use the modern Web to help your business prosper.

We will review your site, deliver a list of recommendations and improvements, design a new "skin" for it if you wish, and then implement the new site.

Our web sites are crisp and clean looking, "fast loading" and give even small businesses a "corporate" look and feel. They are also "search engine friendly" and designed with modern legal usability guidelines such as the "DDA" in mind.

Once the site has built, or "made over", then we can help you to actually use it as an active part of your business. A web site is more than just dots and W's hidden away at the bottom of your business card, it is a unique business tool that if used correctly can promote and build your business and turn past customers into repeat-buyers. We can improve your web site and give you the tools to do this.

For example, we can make your web site "content managed" and give you the facility to change pages in seconds - as quickly and easily as editing a "Word" document. Or we can add ecommerce facilities, allowing you to sell products and services online.

One of our many strengths is our ability to take "static" web sites, and make them more dynamic and thereby more attractive to users. We can integrate a wide range of extra functionality into your web site, including :-

  • Simple one-page "micro" eCommerce product sales.
  • Full eCommerce sites including; product directories, shopping baskets, reviews and recommendations, and vouchers.
  • "Social media" integration, bringing the benefits of; Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, Reddit, and other social media tools.
  • Video integration
  • Newsfeeds.
  • News/events pages and "RSS" or ":Atom" feeds.
  • Discussion forums.
  • "Wikis" - interactive user-editable content sites (a similar idea to "Wikipedia").
  • Document and forms management systems.
  • Asset management systems.
  • Web calendars.
  • Task schedulers and project management systems.
  • "Live support" - allowing customers to talk to your staff in "real time".
  • SMS text-messaging and paging.
  • Ticketing and bug/fault-tracking systems.
By using facilities like these, you can; create a better business image, increase user "stickness" ensure that one-time users become regular users, and communicate better with your customers.

For further information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

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